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  1. Tara Allison says

    We , like you, never imagined getting involved in beauty pageants. My intent is to build my daughters self confidence. It’s amazing how quickly people try to steer you away from pageants. My father (my daughters grandpa ) is telling me to be cautious and he thinks it’s a scam for money. But I see the opportunity to help build my daughters life skills. It’s so frustrating to get opinions you haven’t asked for.

    • Pageantguru says

      Thanks for the comment. The earlier a child’s confidence is built upon the better off that child will be. And Namiss does that for young girls. Not only do these young ladies learn to be poise,gain self confidence, learn life long skills, (one to one interviews with Judges), create lasting friendships, embrace themselves for whom they are but, also they are given a chance to show off their talent and walk with style on stage in a most beautiful gown.

      Not everyone is on board when it comes to beauty pageants and I respect that but still they should not interfere in your business. Don’t let no one deter you in your decisions when it comes to your child. If she wants to participate then, go for it ! You are your child’s best Advocate, you know what’s best for her and you know what you want for her. It’s easy for these Naysayers to sit on the side lines and bash or give their 10 cents even when it’s not asked for but you know what it all rest on you. So, papa and grand papa can get proof that it’s not a scam by showing up for the finale and maybe even accompany you all on stage to be photographed after she is announced Pageant Queen. Good luck! If you live in NYC maybe I will buy a ticket

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