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America’s Junior Miss Titleholders
1958 Phyllis Whitenack West Virginia
1959 Judi Humphrey Pennsylvania
1960 Maureen Sullivan Connecticut
1961 Mary Fran Luecke* Missouri
1962 Jean Allen Rhode Island
1963 Diane Sawyer Kentucky
1964 Linda Felber Washington (state)
1965 Patrice Gaunder Michigan
1966 Diane Wilkins Wisconsin
1967 Rosemary Dunaway Arkansas
1968 Debi Faubion Oklahoma
1969 Jackie Bennington California
1970 Karen Stenwall Arizona
1971 Arlene Stens New Jersey
1972 Lydia Hodson Kentucky
1973 Linda Rutledge Kansas
1974 Karen Morris Wyoming
1975 Julie Forshee Arkansas
1976 Lenne Jo Hallgren Washington (state)
1977 Christy Moller Arkansas
1978 Kim Crosby Missouri
1979 Susan Horvath Pennsylvania
1980 Julie Bryan Georgia
1981 Kim Smith North Carolina
1982 Susan Hammett Mississippi
1983 Stephanie Ashmore Alabama
1984 Amber Kvanli Minnesota
1985 Valerie Lowrance Texas
1986 Lori Jo Smith Virginia
1987 Chuti Tiu Wisconsin
1988 Kristen Logan Mississippi
1989 Kristin Huxhold Missouri
1990 Sara Martin Illinois
1991 Amy Elizabeth Goodman California
1992 Tiffany Stoker California
1993 Becky Jones Georgia
1994 Amy Osmond*** Utah
1995 Kiersten Rickenbach New Jersey
1996 Andrea M. Plummer Tennessee
1997 Tyrenda Williams Alabama
1998 Susan Kimberly Davidson Pennsylvania
1999 Sarah Everman Georgia
2000 Jesika Henderson Utah

The America’s Junior Miss competition was called Junior Miss America during its first year. From 1989 through 1992, it was called America’s Young Woman of the Year.

Names listed are maiden names, used at time of winning. Many winners are often listed by their later names, acquired professionally or by marriage.

* Later gained fame as an actress under the name Mary Frann

** Became one of America’s leading broadcast journalists

*** A member of the famed Osmond family of entertainers

Source: America’s Junior Miss official publications.

Miss Teen All American Titleholders
1979 Tonja Walker Maryland
1980 Lisa Wheeler Alabama
1981 Susan Walters Georgia
1982 Margot Cottingham Texas
1983 Tricia Bach Illinois
1984 Dana Bryant Virginia
1985 Halle Berry* Ohio
1986 Tracey Heddon Louisiana
1987 Nicci Dent Delaware
1988 Lacey Young Louisiana
1989 Symba Smith Mississippi
1990 Paulette Schier Georgia
1991 Erin Nance Georgia
1992 Corinna Clark Florida
1993 Shanna Moakler Rhode Island
1994 Ratna Kancherla** Georgia
1995 Melissa Quesada Florida
1996 Bridgett Jordan Tennessee
1997 Lynette Cole Tennessee
1998 Alita Dawson Connecticut
1999 Jenna Edwards Mississippi

* Later gained fame as a movie actress.

** Listed in some official records as Sreeratna Kancherla (another form of her name).

Winners of Miss Teen All American have gone on to extraordinary success in pageants in various countries. Such honors were too numerous and varied to list.

Source: Miss Teen All American Pageant.

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