Pageant_child was created in 2007. The main focus was on pageants and pageant resources. Since everyone is not too keen on pageants, pageantchild has been updated to also provide information and resources for parents, new parents, and expectant mothers . Every August, the National American Miss pageant comes to Brooklyn NY. Housed in the beautiful Marriott Hotel in downtown Brooklyn the stage comes alive as GIRLS – all types of girls, from the ages of 4 to 20 display their talent(s) and compete to win modeling contracts, the crown, scholarships,cover girl title, trips,other prizes, and invitations to compete for the National Title in California. The pageant is always a blast.
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It is not televised, there is no swimsuit competition, and girls cannot wear makeup. People from popular television shows, modeling agencies, and other professions make up the Judges’ list. This site is a result of my observations and feedback I’ve received from questions asked and the little things I picked up on. For the past 6 years; I’ve been going to the pageants and it’s not hard to figure out, who will win the crown. I’ve come to the conclusion that winning the crown is not hard. Once pageant participants know what to do, and do what is expected; then their chances of walking away with the crown are great. To get the ball rolling, you will need a pageant application, of course. Just select your state and go sign up already! Your crown awaits!

Pageant Winning Tips
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This child beauty pageant is not only about beauty nor is it about being a genius. However, education and the way one presents themselves are very vital and we all want to be our best at whatever we do. Therefore, it is imperative that you practice healthy habits, stay in school, and learn as much as you can. If your grades are bad, don’t despair. It’s never too late to get serious and start applying yourself. Although,good grades are not required to participate in this child beauty pageant; you should always strive for the best and do well in school because Education opens many doors. “Never put all your eggs in one basket”. stay in school and always be on top of your game. Always believe and cherish yourself and be kind and compassionate to those who are less fortunate than you.

The day you decide to take part in this child beauty pageant, the day mom says, it’s okay with her should be the day, you begin writing and practicing your speech. Yes! Practice in front the mirror,your family, your pet, or anyone who will give you the time of day. This should be done every day because you want to wow and win over the Judges and the Audience. Did I mention a live Audience? Yes! there will be a live Audience. This child beauty pageant offers optional competitions like modeling, singing, dancing, and actress competitions.The best receive great prizes. You do not have to participate if you do not want too. It’s all optional; however,if you can dance, sing, act,or play an instrument, you should practice every day; because you want to win while having fun. If you have no talent, signing up for singing, piano, or dancing lessons is not a bad idea.

Every year, many girls cry when they do not win. Everything we want we have to work for. If you want to score a 100% on a test, you study right? Well, the concept here is pretty much the same. You have to give it your best and this can only be achieved through study and practice. If you want to win the crown and title, you must do your part. And, I don’t mean just showing up and wearing that beautiful dress or gown. NO! You should get off your comfort zone and let your personality shine through. First of all, you should look like you are going to the prom. Your walk should be a TOP MODEL walk. A Top Model’s demeanor is one of confidence and style and so should yours. I’m sure Youtube has videos of Top Models. Study them, bring your own style and practice, practice, practice!

Your well rehearsed speech will be timed. You should speak loud and your speech should be informational or it could be entertaining. Its all up to you. After writing your speech, enlist the help of someone to proofread it for errors. Sure you have a pretty face; but the Judges are NOT only interested in pretty faces. That is not the focus here! They are looking for GIRLs who stand out. The main focus is on communication and PRESENTATION SKILLS; that’s where a girl scores the most points. It wouldn’t hurt to brush up on these skills. I cannot stress this enough, once you decide to take part in this child beauty pageant, once your mom says yes, you must commit to practicing and brushing up on those skills mentioned. Do your part! make an effort! have fun. Work on your communication skills. Work on your presentation skills. Live one day at time. Your aim is to win while having fun. So enjoy yourself.

Before the finale,you will have one on one interview with the Judges. They will question you on subjects you are familiar with. Like, your community involvement, family, education, hobbies, and so on. They may also ask you questions like What do you hope to gain from taking part in this child beauty pageant? or, if you are the winner of the national or state pageant, what are you going to “do” with your title? As you can see these are not hard questions. If you prepare and work, you will have a better chance at the title and all the goodies that go with it.

Since involvement in the community is part of the questioning, start volunteering some of your free time at the hospital,school, nursing home. Just get involved in some form of community service. Volunteering has its rewards so don’t just do it for the pageant. Volunteer because you want too. Helping others is such a great feeling! Keep your grades up,don’t be shy, speak up, and just be yourself. Last but not least the Tip of the day is SMILE and make eye contact. Hold your head up!You score points in these areas also so always smile and make eye contact because it shows you have self esteem and confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself, show off your confidence and let your personality show. Always believe in your self and in Providence.

Pageant queen winning tips and everything that goes with it. This child beauty pageant is not only about beauty neither is it about being a genius. However, education is vital and we all want to be our best at whatever we do. It is imperative that you stay in school and learn as much as you can. If your grades are bad don’t despair. Make up your mind to get serious and apply yourself. Although, grades are not a requirement; you never want to put all your eggs in one basket. Stay in school and always strive for the best because education opens many doors. The day you decide to take part in this child beauty pageant, the day mom says, “yes” should be the day you begin writing and practicing your speech. Practice! Practice! Practice! Other talents like singing, dancing, modeling, and actress are optional competitions where contestants win great prizes for being the best. So, if you can dance, sing, act or play an instrument, practice every day because you want to win while having fun. If you have no talent, signing up for singing, piano, or dancing is not a bad idea. Don’t rely on your pretty face alone; that’s not where the focus is. The Judges are looking for girls that shine. The main focus is on COMMUNICATION and PRESENTATION skills; so it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on these skills. You must commit to practicing and brushing up on those skills mentioned.

Many girls make the mistake of wearing a crown on stage. This is a big no no. When you get on stage for the final time to tell the Audience who you are, your goals and ambitions; you must relax. Smile and keep your introductory speech brief. This is your moment; so you must shine like you ‘ve never shone before. This is the time to prove to the Judges and every one else that the pageant crown should be on your head. Remember, COMMUNICATION and PRESENTATION skills are what the Judges are focusing on and that’s where GIRLS gain the most points. When you speak you should be loud, clear, and articulate. You must rehearse that speech until you know it like the back of your hands. Rehearsing that speech should begin the day mom says, “yes”. Every time you appear on stage smile and make eye contact. And remember, you have to work it. This is your time to shine. This is your time to SHOW OFF and walk stylishly. If you cannot walk stylishly, dance your way down the stage. Don’t follow the crowd and do what everyone else does. Bring your own style! Display your personality! While everyone walks, you dance. This way, you stand out. Show your confidence and don’t worry about what the Audience thinks. This is not the time to be shy nor scared.

When you walk, your walk should do some of the talking. Remember Jessica Rabbit on who framed Roger Rabbit? Girl, her walk was the bomb! Talk about style and fashion! Her walk is the type of walk you should aim for. Her walk did the talking so should yours because you want to outshine everyone. Be extra! Don’t just walk like everybody else. Bring your own style. Your walk should say, “Attention everyone. Tishanna, Anna,Lisa, Ebony, Monique, Aysha, Melanie, Kateannie, Neena, Sarah, Tasha, Shanna, Nicole, whatever your name is, is in the house. I am strong and confident and I am proud of Whom I am. I believe in myself and I have dreams and aspirations, so watch out! I don’t care what people say or think; I am here to have fun and be crowned PAGEANT QUEEN. All this should come from your walk. Your stylish walk accompanied with your SMILE and eye contact in your beautiful PAGEANT DRESS will definitely do the trick. You just have to work it and let your personality shine through. So go ahead and dress to impress. Leave your audience speechless. Amaze friends and family. Win the Judges over while having fun in the process. So start practicing already! What are you waiting for? Walk like you’ve never walked before. This is your moment to shine. So show off already! Smile, make eye contact, speak loudly and clearly. Let your personality show. This is your time. Use these tips to your advantage and you will be spending the next Thanksgiving in California with other CHILD BEAUTY PAGEANT contestants. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Always seek God’s help in everything you and be true to yourself.

PAGEANT Sponsor fees and advertising fees all contribute to the operation and administrative cost of running this CHILD BEAUTY PAGEANT. You do not have to sell any ads if you don’t too; but If you want to win the title of cover girl for a year and get a step closer to winning the crown; then the only way of achieving the title of cover girl is by selling the most ads. The girl who sells the most ads automatically wins pageant cover girl and is placed in the top five for the crown.These ads are placed in the child beauty pageant magazine with your picture on every page the ad appears. This is separate from the pageant sponsor fees. First, make a list of people. Set up an appointment, dress appropriately and please carry your smile with you.
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Potential sponsors may ask questions about this child beauty pageant, so it would be of great help to have some knowledge should questions pop up. Do your homework and prepare. Places like the laundry mat, dry cleaners, your dentist, doctor, grocery stores, any place where your family does business are examples of potential sponsors. Also, family, friends, your school, PTA, and church can help you in this venture. All you have to do is go to them and ask nicely. Explain your mission and be sure to let business owners know that their donations are tax-deductible as a business expense, that they will be recognized in your state pageant magazine and the National book when you win the queen title.

Don’t be afraid to speak up because this is great practice for your one on one interview with the Judges. Remember that the focus of this Child beauty pageant is in the area of Communication and Presentation skills. Keep smiling and do your best. You can win Pageant Queen if you make the effort. See you at the next child beauty pageant. I attend the pageant every Summer and I pay attention to all the girls. Nothing escapes me. I pay attention to every detail. I study dresses and the demeanor of the contestants on stage. It’s not difficult to tell who wants the crown from who do not. The next PAGEANT is in August and I shall be there as always. Hope you win pageant queen. God’s blessings!
Children Pageant Dresses-Evening Gowns

You’ve submitted your application, got your sponsors and have practiced and practiced. You will need a suit for your interview, an evening gown and dressy shoes. This should not be difficult as you can buy an affordable flower girl dress, an Easter dress, prom dress, bridesmaid dress. As you shop for this special occasion dress keep in mind that presentation plays a key role in winning queen title.

Have you seen the way contestants on Miss Teen USA, Miss America, or Miss Universe dress? Well, the dress code is the same. Comfortable dressy shoes and a knockout dress which should be formal and breathtaking will boost your scores. Remember presentation! You must dress to impress. You should feel comfortable in your dress / gown so please start shopping early. Your escort who could be your brother should wear a boy’s tuxedo. If you don’t have an escort, one is provided. Get your hair done at the beauty parlor if you have to. Remember it’s all in the PRESENTATION. So look your best and work that DRESS.

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