Pageant Queen Defined

Pageant Queen refers to┬áthe contestant that wins the pageant crown or title. Be mindful that an emerging pageant queen do not come about by one’s good looks only. To be Pageant Queen, there are requirements as the contestant has to be determined and want the crown wholeheartedly that, she must invest time and money as she aspires to win the title of Pageant Queen.

The ultimate goal of every beauty pageant contestant is to win the title of pageant queen as the the crown is bundled up with other prizes like scholarships, modeling contracts,tv commercial appearances,cars, travel,and the chance to compete against other pageant queens. Pageant competitions range from small local competitions to global competitions . Some winners go on to participate in the Miss World and Miss American pageants which usually commands attention to beauty, poise and style.

Physical appearance plays a major role in most pageantchild contests but, that alone is not enough as one’s goals and desires, volunteer contributions, self confidence, ability to speak in public, talents,and poise play a role in winning pageant queen title.

Alexis Wineman – Malmstrom AFB Father Daughter Dance tiara” by U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Cortney Paxton – (Photo #6). Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons
In NAMISS pageants for example,volunteer work of any nature, public speaking,referring as many girls as possible for future pageants, selling a high dollar amount of ad spaces, good grades and poise on stage in a knock off pageant dress, along with that pageant walk of confidence is a sure way to win the title of Pageant Queen. Matter of fact, the namiss pageant scoring breakdown by the Judges is as follows:

  • Interview (30%)
  • Personal Introduction (30%)
  • Formal Wear (30%)
  • Volunteer Contributions (10%)

There are pageants where the age ranges from babies in diapers to Grandmas still, the winner is always known as pageant Queen. A great deal of effort ,money and energy goes into winning the title of pageant queen. Some contestants may invest money in a pageant coach or trainer who trains them on walking while advising them on how they should dress and style their hair.

Pageant contestants perform group dances which they have to practice for and during pageant weekend attend interviews given by pageant Judges. All these contribute to a pageant contestant walking away with the Pageant Queen title.

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