How to Win a Pageant For Kids

Child pageant is about tips on how to win a beauty pageant for kids. It covers information on winning child pageant dresses, discount spring dresses, other winning Pageant tips as well as other pageant application information and other child pageant resources to help a girl win the namiss crown and title.

Child Pageants in New York and other states are held every summer and in this pagent child competition,pageant child contestants receive scores in these categories: 30% for Personal Introduction in interview suit,30% for formal wear with escort,30% for interview with Judges,and 30% for Community Involvement on pageant weekend. Now,the Judges are looking for a cheerful, (which means you have to smile),self confident,courageous,brave,and well mannered girl to crown. State queens represent their state at the nationals, as well as meet with state government officials and other celebrities. The winner should be able to communicate confidently and be able to walk up and introduce herself.

Winning Pageant Walk Video

That’s what the personal introduction is all about. Being able to courageously walk up on stage, introduce yourself,say where you are from,and let others know of your goals for the future. You have to be proud and maintain eye contact with the Judges always. You have to be focused and decisive. Saying that your ambition or goal is to be a doctor, lawyer, or teacher or something is wrong. Instead my goal is to be a Lawyer will do just fine. Short, sweet and decisive as your overall goal is to bring out your natural confidence as you smile and make eye contact with the Judges. Judges score on poise,self confidence,and ease in talking to an adult, so during your interview you want to maintain good eye contact. Presentation and communication skills are what the Judges want to recognize and encourage. In addition, be sure to wear something you would wear to a nice dinner or church.

A nice suit will do just fine. Dress the way people dress for job interviews. DO NOT wear hats, gloves, purses, glitzy or rhinestone outfits. You must always keep your eyes on the person you are talking too. If you can’t look people in the eye, look at their forehead that works, but the eye contact is very important.

During your interview, sit in the front half of the chair away from the back of the chair. Your back should not be touching the back of the chair. It may feel uncomfortable but that manner of sitting gives you a solid poised appearance. Good manners take people places. Judges appreciate good morning with a smile, thanks with a smile,please with a smile,and its nice to meet you (with a smile). Notice how many times smile is repeated here, because smiling is very important. So use your manners and smile; your mama did not teach you good manners for nothing.

Where are you in giving back to the community? You are never too small to make a difference and just about all pageant Queens participate in some form of volunteer work. You may want to explore the idea of giving yourself and time to some worthy cause. Not only is it a gratifying feeling but it will score you points in the process. You can volunteer at your church,nursing home or school. Giving something back to the community without expecting nothing back in return speaks volumes and Judges look at that also. So go make a difference already! Remember 30% of your scores will come from Community Involvement.

Braces, glasses, skin problems, varying heights, and many other conditions are all just part of being young. The judges give girls scores based on where they are in life, just the way they are. What you, as a contestant need to concentrate on is doing your best and remembering to maintain a positive attitude . SMILE and do the best with what you have! If you can develop and apply a positive attitude now, it will benefit you through your whole life! So, you must have faith and confidence in yourself.

That will definitely take you a long way. Put your self in the Judges’ shoes. Would you hand the crown to someone who is shy ,boring, scared, has poor self image, always morbid, and don’t know how to act their age? I think not! Companies do have an image to maintain and in this world, the best gets to be the winners. So,believe in yourself,be brave,true,cheerful,and courageous and you will reap hefty rewards.Hope this article on how to win a pageant for kids is of help to you.

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