How To Enter The National American Miss Pageant Part 2

How Can My Child Enter The National American Miss Pageant?

So,you want to know how to enter the National American Miss Pageant? Well, you’ve come to the right place because,there are skeptics out there,who believe that the namiss pageant is a scam. Well, after reading how to enter the national American Miss Pageant, I hope your fears and concerns will be laid to rest; because,the National American Miss Pageant is genuine.

Every summer, the pageant is held in different states across the country.Every August, the glitz and glamour comes to the Marriott Hotel in downtown Brooklyn New York, where many young ladies compete in various levels to win the crown of pageant queen.The pageant is categorized by age thereby,including everyone. There’s no such thing as too young or too old. There are always familiar faces because, many girls are into pageants and compete year after year. It’s not a one time jig. If you have girls aged 4 to 20 years old, the namiss pageant wants to recognize and encourage their skills at this stage in their lives.

That application that arrives at your door-step through the mail is legitimate. Unless you entered the pageant through the website,someone referred your daughter so, when the letter says someone referred you,it really is true. Therefore, before you dash away the letter,thinking it to be a hoax or some kind of practical joke read it because it is neither fake nor scam.

My daughter once took part in National American Miss, New York pageant and even went to California,where she had such a wonderful experience. For her, it was a memorable experience that she enjoyed. Now and then,she flips over the program book and recalls her pageant days like it happened yesterday. She still keeps in touch with some of the young women she met as a result of the pageant. Although, she did not win the crown, she got to travel to Disney land in California and this adds more zest her story.

National American Miss Pageant offers so much to these young ladies. While winning the crown is important,even if it goes to someone else, your child will still walk away a winner. Her social skills will be enhanced as she interacts with other girls,people of professional standing, and she will create lasting friendships. She will have the opportunity to practice her interpersonal skills on a professional level as she participates in one interviews with Pageant Judges. She will learn to walk with poise and gain a renewed confidence. Every one knows how good communication paves the way for success in life. If she is timid and shy, your daughter will have the opportunity to face her fears. She will be on stage addressing a live audience as she tells of her dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Her confidence will be boosted as she gets to practice her interpersonal skills.

Every year the NAMISS pageant is held in different states all over the country preferably during the summer months. Every girl is eligible to compete and no experience is needed. Unlike other pageants where focus is based on outward beauty, NAMISS is very different as it accepts all types of girls. There is no make-up or swimsuit competition and the pageant is not broadcast on television.The majority of the scoring is in the area of communication while the rest in the presentation. How well a young lady presents herself will determine whether she is qualified for the title of NAMISS Pageant Queen. So, the dress, the walk, and distinct personality all play major roles. Every year, NAMISS searches for young girls across the country to represent their company, as they strive to promote good communication and presentation skills in young ladies from different backgrounds and ages.

National American Miss Pageant opens state registration around February. If you did not receive a referral letter in the mail and want to do some thing brash and sassy this summer. Some thing out of the ordinary like having your daughter take part in a pageant;then you can head on over to the NAMISS site and start the ball in motion. There is a non-refundable application fee and you need to hurry as there are speeches to write and rehearse. If traveling to a different state to participate, travel plans and hotel reservations have to be made so,you don’t want to wait for the last minute. In addition, you want to line up sponsors and start planning the color of your formal dress along with the suit for the one on one interview with the pageant Judges. If you need help on how to walk in pageants consider watching this free video which will help you to master the perfect pageant walk.

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