How I Got Through My First Child Beauty Pageant

First child beauty pageant: Child beauty pageants are fun,harassing,and at the same time entertaining. As a small girl at the ripe old age of six, I got dressed up and pranced across the stage in front a live audience in what would be my first child beauty pageant. During pageant weekend,I learned poise, gained confidence and developed social skills while interacting with girls of my age and during one and one interviews with child beauty pageant Judges.

  • Child Beauty Pageant Prepare to Work
    Child beauty pageants demand lots of time,energy, and work on pageant contestants and their families because this is a crucial time, when everything has to be done right in order to please Judges, who will decide the winner of the crown.

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  • Pageant Child Hair and Dress
    My pageant dress was perfect. It was purchased at a bridal store and my hair was done at the beauty salon. Well,these are the less stressful and simple parts of preparing for pageants; yet, beauty pageants are very competitive,can be very harassing,and intimidating considering the talents and skills that other girls who are after the crown bring to the pageant. Read on to find out how to get through your first beauty pageant.

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  • First Beauty Pageant Everyone Wins
    All girls can emerge winners from participating in beauty pageants. True, there is only one crown; but you are still young and you should be having fun at the pageant. You do get an opportunity to grow and learn so if it’s your first, make sure you really enjoy yourself. Don’t sweat it if you didn’t win the crown. Its your first time and being that this is all new to you,don’t be hard on yourself. Just be a good spot. Give yourself a tap on the back for being brave and courageous.

  • First Beauty Pageant Small Steps
    If this is your first beauty pageant,you should start small. The glam and glitz of beauty pageants are appealing to some mothers and their daughters. It is a time for little girls who enjoy playing dress up to actually dress up and strut their stuff on a real stage. In addition,there is that opportunity to win the title,wear a crown,receive recognition and win fabulous prizes. As much as joyous and delightful beauty pageants are much work and effort have to be devoted if one is to emerge as the winner. Pageants demand money,time for practice, rehearsals, and shopping. And, they can be a most stressful time, that’s why some pageant contestants only participate in one.

  • First Beauty Pageant Pageant Scoring
    So moms and daughters even before you submit a pageant application with that non refundable registration fee,make certain that you and your daughter really want to participate. Remember that the majority of points come from presentation so that dress should be rather fancy as a huge bulk of points come from the dress and how well you present yourself. You may want to consider something like a flower girl’s,first communion or bridesmaid’s dress. Rent one if you have to,just don’t settle for just anything. That dress has to be perfect and it will take you a long way. And of course,there’s that never ending smile along with your pageant walk which should be a dance down the aisle or a Jessica rabbit style walk. If you and your daughter enjoy these pageants to the point of seeing it as having fun, then by all means bring out the pocket book, be observant and give it your all.
    Don’t allow the notion that the possibility that you may not win your first beauty pageant because you are not familiar with what’s expected deter you from putting in the necessary work while having tons of fun. Sign up for volunteer work in your community, keep your grades up and the crown is yours.This first beauty pageant should be preparation for the crown the next time, if you do not win the first time.

  • First Beauty Pageant Rally Your Support
    Pageant week is very busy and stressful that’s why you should enlist the help and support of friends and relatives. All the running up and down will quickly wear you down so, you need that extra help to keep the flow of things like makeup and ensuring that the pageant bag is packed with the needed items. Also,sometimes it can be chaotic being in a room filled with girls. Things get lost or misplaced and if you are doing this by yourself well,it can be overwhelming. So having extra hands is a welcome relief.

  • First Beauty Pageant – Non makeup Swimwear Pageants
    Not all pageants allow makeup and swim wear. National American Miss for example, does not even allow lip gloss furthermore makeup. Makeup and swim wear are not part of NAMISS pageants and every girl who expresses interest is given a chance to compete. But, for the pageants that permit makeup,you will most certainly want to have extra help to create a distraction especially when putting on make up on a very young child.

  • First Beauty Pageant Mom Control Your Emotions
    Beauty pageants get bad raps mostly because parents forget its their child’s moment. They become overbearing and out of control. Some moms focus solely on winning. They stress and nag their girls making them very unhappy. At these pageants, its easy to tell girls who really want to be in pageants from those who have been forced. They don’t smile,appear to be somewhere else, and are not having any fun and the Judges pick up on these non verbal cues.

  • First Beauty Pageant Mom Relax
    Don’t be like those parents believe it’s about them and get easily worked up. Don’t lost your cool. Relax and be loving and supportive. This is your child’s moment. Let her enjoy herself. If you are all nervous and paranoid she’ll pick up on it and she does not need that. You should have a calm and positive demeanor. If you want to get through your first beauty pageant with less stress then use the free pageant information.

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