Child beauty pageants positives

Beauty pageants:The term beauty pageants stimulates a vision of beautiful people walking down the ramp in their elegant attire and charming everyone with their wit and beauty. Earlier, beauty pageants meant a platform at the national or international level but since a couple of Hollywood movies on beauty pageants which became very famous,the popularity of beauty pageants is even growing rapidly at the city and county level. Beauty pageants are not just limited to young men and women but are also being organized for children as well.
pageantchild ramsay
Jonbenet-ramsey” by Source. Licensed under Wikipedia

When the idea of child beauty pageants was first conceptualized, there was a bit of psychological revolt from the public as they considered it a bit harsh on the children. If you look closely into the concept of child beauty pageants, you would realize that it enhances the beauty of children in more ways than one.

It is natural for children to look at their mothers and try to imitate something they like about them. Even though the concept of beauty pageants was carried over to children from adult beauty pageants, there are stark differences in beauty pageants for the youngsters and beauty pageants for children which ensure that the attire and the fashion which children are using is much more milder than the attire being used in the beauty pageants of youngsters. Beauty pageants of children rely on the beauty of the child rather than anything else and this is a huge positive for child beauty pageants.
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Shelley Hennig” by Alex StroupIMG_3137. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Most people associate the beauty pageants with walking on a ramp but the concept of most of the beauty pageants is designed in such a way that there is an IQ testing round as well and a round which tests the awareness of children for the events and current happenings which are going on around them. This provides them with a chance to garner more knowledge about the current events as well as look into their general knowledge as well. Thus, by attending a beauty pageant, children improve their knowledge about the world as well as about the current events, making them more ready for the outer world. Many children have not had any stage experience and by attending a beauty pageant, they get the required amount of stage experience as well thus making them stage ready at a much more younger stage.
pageant child
Logan Travis headshot” by Tom Lohdan from Melbourne, Australia – Hollywood & Highland March 2007. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
So, if you look closely, child beauty pageants positives are plenty and are helping children develop into brilliant young adults.

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