Ten Reasons To Enter Natural Beauty Pageants

Natural Beauty Pageants Application - Get Yours! Natural beauty pageants are very common these days. Every year National American Miss pageant accepts applications from young ladies across the country who wish to showcase their talents and win the pageant queen talent in the process. Read more to discover what Continue reading

Child Beauty Pageants Photo Winning Tips

Child Beauty Pageant Photos Child Beauty Pageants: Many pageants include a photogenic competition and you should definitely take advantage of this. Why? Because the photograph of your child will be seen by the judges before the pageant ever begins, so it will provide the first chance for the pageant judges to get a Continue reading

How To Win A Beauty Pageant – A “Miss” Reveals Her Secrets Of Success

How To Win A Beauty Pageant – A “Miss” Reveals Her Secrets Of Success

So You Want To Win A Beauty Pageant? To win a beauty pageant, every one who has won tells that self confidence along with a beautiful smile plays a major role in winning a beauty pageant crown so next time you decide to participate in a beauty pageant take your winning smile with you, show poise and self confidence Continue reading

Charm Beauty Pageants Through The Years

Beauty Pageants -The very first beauty pageant was held in Atlantic City, called the National Beauty Tournament. This pageant was absolutely nothing like today's pageant, with agents from every state. The very first Miss America Pageant only had 8 contestants and was won by a 16 year old, Washington, D.C. citizen named Continue reading

Build Champions In Child Beauty Pageants

Child Beauty Pageants Champions Hello my beauties this is yet another exciting article for our wonderful children who participate in child beauty pageants! This will be about some of the things needed to make your child blossom above the competition in child beauty pageants all across the Country. There are so Continue reading

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