Beauty and talent pageants

Beauty pageants became part of United States culture in the 1920s. After that, Pageants for kids gained popularity in the 1960s.Today, Pageants for children and adults are money making businesses. According to statistics about 5,000 child beauty pageants are held yearly with about 250,000 children participating. Weathering the Jon Bonet tragedy,child pageant reality tv shows, new born babies along with more boys competing, pageantry for kids continues to make its mark. To some, beauty pageants may be an arena where contestants get bully or be bullied but, for others beauty pageants can be a means of making dreams come true

how to win a pageant for kids

Some girls who are focused on a certain platform become contestants in a beauty pageant where they are able to promote that platform at the more visible level. Ideally, the working platform must be something the lady continues to be linked to for some time and continue to focus on after the pageant. There is fairly some service that is usually involved, and that’s among the side advantages of beauty pageants that most individuals don’t see. It is amazing to see the good work that lots of these contestants do while using the pageant platform.


Pageants have been known to be solutions for some who have problems with stage fright,public speaking, and self esteem. There was incident where a student was made fun of and bullied because of zits. To make matters worst,the bullies attacked her image making her school days miserable. But with all this, she did not hide away. It was while studying in college that she began using beauty pageants to enhance her self esteem. She did not allow the Bullys to stand in her way but stood her ground and went on to win a beauty pageant. She is prepared for Regional Pageant and is excited about winning pageant Queen.


The state of New York is full of ironies indeed. Folks refer to it as ‘The Empire State’ since, it is home to large numbers of skyscrapers and freeways.Furthermore, it tops the charts when listing states with a thriving cultural tourism sector. It is true that New Yorkers have an extreme liking to businesses and anything that relates to commerce; however, some people may not be so apathetic when it comes to contests that focus on art and delightful appreciation for beauty pageants. The fact of the matter is, New York is really a significant successful state at Miss USA. Surprising, yes, but that is what New York is – a situation that never fails to surprise people, perhaps the strict and intimidating members in the Miss USA jury.

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