Why Do So Many People Hate Child Beauty Pageants?

Do You Know Why Do So Many People Hate Child Beauty Pageants? Child beauty pageants:You really want to know why so many people hate child beauty Pageants? Well, maybe because there is something that’s borderline sexually abusive about a three year old wearing a tiny bikini and shaking her hips with her synthetically … [Read more...]

Pageant Child Contestants Versus TV Show Dance Moms

Pageant-child contestants versus TV show dance moms: In this article, pageantchild contestants versus TV show dance moms, we take a look at each as they both feature young children, specifically young girls who are in competition with each other for a title or some recognition. This makes for somewhat of an interesting … [Read more...]

Should I Hire A Pageant Coach?

Pageant Coach:Should I hire a Pageant Coach? Well, your reasons for hiring a pageant coach determine how you will answer this question. So the question should really be, “when should I hire Pageant Coach?" The fact that you are thinking about hiring a Pageant Coach means that you have decided to either enter or … [Read more...]


The Good Side of Child Beauty Pageants In this case for child beauty pageants, we examine the good side of child pageants. You see,child beauty pageants continue to get lots of bad press,and though some of it may be warranted,we should not overlook its advantages. The majority of child pageants nyc are well … [Read more...]

Is National American Miss Pageant The Real Deal

 National American Miss Pageant: Is National American Miss Pageant the real deal? Well, today, I receive a referral letter in the mail for my nine year old daughter. It’s an invitation letter from National American Miss Pageant to an Open Call and Free Photo shoot. So, for all you skeptics out there, who believe that … [Read more...]

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