Pageant Queen Defined

Pageant Queen refers to the contestant that wins the pageant crown or title. Be mindful that an emerging pageant queen do not come about by one's good looks only. To be Pageant Queen, there are requirements as the contestant has to be determined and want the crown wholeheartedly that, she must invest time and money as … [Read more...]

Beauty and talent pageants

Beauty pageants became part of United States culture in the 1920s. After that, Pageants for kids gained popularity in the 1960s.Today, Pageants for children and adults are money making businesses. According to statistics about 5,000 child beauty pageants are held yearly with about 250,000 children participating. … [Read more...]

Child Beauty Pageants Effects

Child Beauty Pageants:There іs а ferocious hive оf activity аs thе young female іs bеіng tussled, combed, slicked dоwn, 'made up' аnd gіvеn constant wоrds оf instructions. Ѕhе іs made up amidst аll thіs hassle аnd bustle аs shе bесоmеs transmuted frоm normal lіttlе girl tо aspiring child beauty pageant Queen. Тhеrе іs … [Read more...]

How to Win a Pageant For Kids

Child pageant is about tips on how to win a beauty pageant for kids. It covers information on winning child pageant dresses, discount spring dresses, other winning Pageant tips as well as other pageant application information and other child pageant resources to help a girl win the namiss crown and title. Child … [Read more...]

How I Got Through My First Child Beauty Pageant

First child beauty pageant: Child beauty pageants are fun,harassing,and at the same time entertaining. As a small girl at the ripe old age of six, I got dressed up and pranced across the stage in front a live audience in what would be my first child beauty pageant. During pageant weekend,I learned poise, gained … [Read more...]

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