About Your Beauty Pageant Hairstyle

 Beauty pageant hairstyle

Beauty pageant hairstyle is an important aspect that needs addressing when anyone decides to compete in a pageant.. Although there is no best pageant hairstyles category, your well groomed hair contributes to your overall success. I’m sure that you are familiar with the old cliche,”if your hairdos not look good; you don’t look good”. Well, that’s true as a bad beauty pageant hairstyle gives the impression of an untidy look and I don’t care about myself attitude;so your hair needs utmost attention.

If your hair is unkept while you are in the pageant you will be distracted, being preoccupied with your looks and instead of focusing on winning and having fun you will be worrying about your hair and feeling bad, wondering what others are thinking. It’s definitely an area you have to pay attention to as it is part of you as a package and you want to present the total package in good taste. Remember the way in which you present yourself in the pageant will determine how high you score in presentation. So,take care of your hair and don’t allow it to cost you the crown.

Hair is as important as any other body part with a function of its own. For many new hair follicles are always sprouting giving rise to new hair growth while others experience hair loss as a result of illness or a sign of old age. A lustrous head of hair denotes good eating habits and perfect health therefore, the practice of healthy eating habits should be part of your daily routine as after the pageant is over, life goes on. You will notice that the first thing doctors do when certain illnesses occur is free one of their hair by trimming it off or it can happen voluntary if you are badly off nutritionally.

Your hair can be under attack from other conditions like stress,lack of proper nutrient intake, and other health related conditions. You can remedy the situation and prevent ruin of your beautiful pageant hair by regular visits to your doctor and Nutritionist, taking vitamins, and eating right. Taking all these precautions now will be of great advantage to you when you decide to compete in any beauty pageant or or prepare to land your dream job.

Can your beauty pageant hairstyle deny you the crown? Well that depends on you and how you wear your hair. It probably can as your hair completes you. Wouldn’t it be discouraging and mortifying to learn that you could have won pageant queen title, but your unkempt hair had a part to play in you forfeiting the crown. So,you have the perfect pageant dress, perfect pageant walk, and during the interview you communicated with the Judges so professionally that there were no doubts in your mind; the crown was yours. But, in all your hustle and bustle, you neglected to include your hair. Yes, you washed it two weeks prior to the pageant;but you wore it to the pageant like it was just another day.

Girls gave you the look and you wondered what did you do wrong. Someone revealed that your hair smelled and you looked messy. Your excuse is “I was so busy I had no time to flat iron my hair. Now, if your peers feel uncomfortable around you because of your hair; can you imagine how the Judges will  feel?

Image is everything and the winner of the pageant represents the company so appearance matters a great deal and that includes your hair. Your pageant hairstyle is as important as your pageant dress and just as you plan and prepare what your evening gown is going to look like; in the same way you should think of pageant hairstyles ideas. You want to plan how you will wear your hair in advance to make sure the style suits your face and that it’s just right,whether you wear it long or short. You should not wait for pageant day to make such decisions. The time to decide on how to wear your hair is long before the pageant.Whether you choose to wear weave, wigs, hair extensions, braids or chemically treated hair with some color; you can achieve amazing results.

Your goal is to complete your presentation package by having the best pageant hairstyle, which will enable you to be comfortable and more confident. Do not overdo it with colors and hairdos that tend to bring negative attention to yourself; get something that blends with your skin tone. If your hair is curly;you have a great advantage as you can roll,blow dry,and flat twist it. You don’t have to wear your hair curly all the time. You can always change it to enhance your features or keep up with the latest styles. Keeping abreast with the changing trends in style and fashion will have an impact on your appearance and whether or not you walk away with the pageant queen title and crown   be certain that your  beauty pageant hairstyle played a role in that decision

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