5 Tips on How to Win Child Beauty Pageants

Win Your Next Child Beauty Pageant

Do you ever wonder how the same small group of child beauty pageant contestants always top the score charts – winning the high titles?  You know better than to really think that it’s just luck or favoritism.  Sure, they may both play a small role in winning child beauty pageants but, luck sure won’t consistently make supreme title child beauty pageant winners.

If you are ready to get serious about competing with other girls in child beauty pageants, you gotta think big.  When I say big, I’m talking about nothing less than WOW & POW.

 A beautiful spray Tan if you don’t know, please let me tell you.  Color is in to stay!  Judges are really paying a lot of attention to the contestants color and it plays a huge role in the overall presentation.

A quick, easy and painless skin tan is what your child beauty pageant contestant needs to impress Pageant Judges.  Bring a flawless, sun-kissed child beauty pageant star and you’re guaranteed to catch the right attention.

 The Perfect Hairstyle

Having the perfect hair can give you the finishing touch needed to get that crown!  In this game, the BIGGER the better.  Aim high and you can’t go wrong.  It’s important for you to get someone who knows what they’re doing to make sure that it looks right, but most child beauty pageant moms are definitely qualified for this position.

 Getting a Flipper: In a high glitz beauty pageant as well as many others that your child beauty pageant star will enter throughout her/his pageant career, a flipper is highly recommended and can be the difference in your child beauty pageant contestant going from Queen to Supreme.  If you are new to pageants, you will quickly notice that these girls come to compete, and unless you bring it, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

No need to search night and day for the right flipper as you can hop over to Amazon and get your very own pearly white teeth there. Most Beauty Pageant Judges are looking for the appearance of a perfect and straight pearly white smile, so make sure you’re shining bright!

 Big Bold & Beautiful Eyelashes

When your little beauty pageant star walks on the stage, she should attract the eye contact of the Judges.  This is vital or no matter how much fun she’s having, the scores will suffer.   Throw on those big beautiful eyelashes and in the name of Tyra Banks, “SMIZE”!  That simply means smile with your eyes.  Bat those long lashes and make sure that you are noticed.

 Don’t Forget To SMILE

This is by far the least expensive way to earn your beauty pageant crown.  I don’t need to go too far into detail about this.  If you don’t smile, neither will the Pageant Judges.  It’s the most important thing to do while performing because it shows a genuine interest in the pageant, and that you’re having fun.  This is what it’s all about, and there’s no quicker way to a perfect score than to simply smile.

Mastering these simple but highly effective methods are sure to earn higher scores while burning good images of your little child beauty pageant star in the judges minds.  Good luck out there and if you need to Find a Pageant, click here and you’re guaranteed to find something that your future child beauty pageant contestant can enter.

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